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Na niezliczonych warstwach historii tworzymy kolejną. Tu znajdziesz zapis ich wszystkich.

What is an artel?

In short, it is a type of informal cooperative based on equality of participants and shared ownership. However, the definition and practice of artel has changed over the centuries. Hence, by engaging in this form of collaboration, we aim to enhance our own, thereby aligning with our intended assumptions. Artel is an organic creation that takes different forms depending on who is forming it and why.

Where do we come from

and where are we heading to… “TePeWu” stands for “Mutual Aid Society” and is a generic term for the whole idea and the people gathered around it – now mainly online. As of November 2023, there are three organelles of this living cell, at different stages of development, dedicated to specific roles. The TePeWu Association …